My name is George Patsalides, I am 62 yrs old and until recently was a fit and healthy man. Unfortunately, I have just found out that I have Leukaemia (MDS) and the only treatment is to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

I am a grandfather of two beautiful 2yr and 1yr old children and would love to see them grow up.

We are looking for a bone marrow donor, preferably aged 17 – 55.

The procedure starts with a simple swab test. Science has progressed so if you are a match, 90% of donors will give their cells by a blood donation.

There are different donor registers in the UK and each one has their own specific health criteria. They work with each other and with international registers. 

For ages 16-30 go to the Anthony Nolan website at 

For ages 17-55 go to the DKMS website at: 

Even if your donation isn’t a match for George, it can be used to save the lives of others with blood cancer or blood disorders who are in desperate need of a stem cell transplant.

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