An event to honour the fallen during World War II during was held on Saturday at the monument in Larnaca of Cypriot heroes who fell during WWII, in the presence of Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Murat Zyazikov.

The Russian diplomat said the event was dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the Victory Day against fascist Germany. Today, he stated, “we stand at a monument of Cypriots, our brothers, who stood with use during WWII and lost their lives. The Cypriots showed courage and endurance in the fight against fascism and this is very important,” he added

“We are celebrating along with our Cypriot friends and this is very important as it shows that we share the ideas and values of peace, harmony and peaceful living in Cyprus as well as Russia.”

In the context of the celebration for Victory Day, a flame was transferred to Cyprus from the tomb of the unknown soldier in Russia. The flame will be transferred to the other towns in Cyprus as well.

Zyazikov expressed his sincere gratitude to the Cypriots over the fact that they maintain the memory of the heroes of WWII.

We are seeing, he said, “the Cypriots’ respect for glorious memorials of history. This flame is today in Cyprus and we see what joy this event brings to our Cypriot brothers because memory is valuable to them and we appreciate this very much.”

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