A man who committed four targeted robberies against lone women in north London, leaving them terrified, has been imprisoned for six years and six months.

Officers from the Robbery Focus Unit based at Wood Green investigated a series of robberies that happened across Enfield and Haringey in April 2020.

After each robbery the suspect was driven away in a silver Vauxhall Corsa, which was registered to Marco Marques Correia.

Marco Marques Correia, 44 (15/07/1978), of no fixed address, was found guilty of four counts of robbery and sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday, 26 May.

Dedicated detectives identified a common theme between each of the robberies: Lone women were being attacked in broad daylight by a lone man, who then made off from the scene in a waiting vehicle. This vehicle was described in all reports as a small silver car.

Detectives later identified a Silver Vauxhall Corsa registered to Marco Marques Correia. He was then arrested and interviewed but provided no comment in his police interview.

It is believed Marques Correia played different roles during the robberies from driving the car or physically committing the robberies, working with a number of accomplices.

Officers also analysed CCTV evidence, ANPR cameras and spoke to victims and witnesses to build a case against him. He was charged with four counts of robbery on 16 September 2022.

Detective Constable Harry Mansbridge led the investigation. He said: “Marco Marques Correia provided no excuse for his involvement in the robberies. He was emotionless and showed no remorse for his actions throughout the trial.

“Marques Correia and the other robbers he was working with specifically targeted lone women, as they believed they could take advantage and easily overpower them. Their violent actions left the victims terrified for their safety and has left a last impact on them all.

“I hope today’s outcome shows Londoner’s that we take both robbery and violence against women seriously. We will do everything we can to seek justice.

“I’d like to thank the quick-thinking individuals who called the police as soon as these robberies happened and provided information to officers. By reporting a robbery as soon as it has taken place it makes all the difference to our investigations. The first hour after a robbery takes place or the ‘Golden Hour’ is critical to capturing robbers.”

The robberies were:

– 7 April 2020 at around 10:55am on High Road N15

– 12 April 2020 at around 7am on Amhurst Park, near to Stamford Hill station

– 13 April 2020 at 08:15am on Dysons Road, N18

– 13 April 2020 at about 9:45am on Lawrence Road, N15

As part of the investigation detectives sought to identify further individuals involved in the robberies, they remain outstanding.

We are targeting robbers who fuel violence on the streets of London by targeting robbery hotspots with targeted patrols, working across local and central teams to develop intelligence for warrants, as well as diversionary activity.

You can play a role too, Look Up, Look Out to make yourself less vulnerable to personal robbery and:

Stay aware of your surroundings and pay attention to who’s around you.Keep valuables such as mobile phones, watches and cash out of sight.Plan your route home.If you are targeted by robbers you can give us the best chance of catching them by contacting us as soon as possible. Dial 999.We have uniformed officers in plain clothes patrolling hotspots. These include neighbourhoods in Westminster, Lambeth and Newham.

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