UK Cypriot Maria Symeou launched her latest book in The Charlotte Learning Collection on Saturday 29 April 2023, at The Dugdale Arts Centre, in Enfield. The series follow Charlotte along her journey on understanding life values such as forgiveness, sharing, not following wrong advice and much more.
In the new story, titled Charlotte Learns to Share, Charlotte has been asked to share one of her two sunflower seeds with the new boy, Charlie. Charlotte knows this will reduce her chance of winning the sunflower competition, which she has been looking forward to the whole year! It’s just not fair, why does she have to share her seed? This is causing her much upset but can she learn that sharing is a gift which brings happiness to others?
At the book launch, Maria read extracts from the story and signed copies for individuals.
We asked Maria what inspired her to start writing these children’s stories. She replied, “My inspiration is that writing these stories would help encourage children to make right choices, but never to lose hope that if they make a wrong choice, it is not the end but rather the beginning of a positive life change. Inspiring them to do good and nurture the wonderful gift of love within them.”
She added that the stories are relatable to children as most children will experience similar situations. Maria said, “In Charlotte Learns to Share, she is asked to hand over one of her two sunflower seeds, but this will reduce her chance of winning the sunflower competition. This causes her to experience different emotions which she will need to process and deal with.”
The author noted that parents also benefit by reading the stories their children as it helps them reinforce the life value being gently taught in the story. “It also helps remind parents that with love and patience, much can be achieved in guiding and correcting the child, planting good seeds in their hearts and minds.”
The Charlotte Learning Collection is set to continue with the next book – Charlotte Learns Not to Follow Wrong – available later in the year. All details about the collection and how to purchase the books can be found on

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