A man who sexually assaulted and attempted to rape a woman in her own home has been jailed for 12 years with an extended six year licence period.

Karan Pullock, 37 (19/01/1986) of Hackney, London was sentenced on Friday 19 May at Wood Green Crown Court. He will also be on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Pullock pleaded guilty on 18 January 2023 to Attempted robbery, Attempted rape, Sexual assault and Threats to kill. Additional counts of attempted rape and false imprisonment were left on file.

The charges relate to an incident on Thursday 30 June 2022, when Pullock lived in the same block of flats as the victim. They did not know each other. Pullock entered the victim’s home through an adjoining attic.

The victim returned home later that day, noticing that the blinds had been drawn and her dog was unusually quiet. Pullock emerged from a dark room with a knife, grabbing the victim as she tried to fight him off. He overpowered her and held a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her if she continued to scream.

He then took the victim into her bedroom, tied her to a chair and demanded money. He began to cut the victim’s clothes off before sexually assaulting her and attempting to rape her.

Shortly after, Pullock called police confessing to the incident. Officers immediately attended the scene and arrested him.

Following extensive enquiries including a thorough search of Pullock’s home address, officers discovered that he had attached his phone to the peephole of his door so that he could monitor the victim’s movements.

Pullock was subsequently charged with a number of offences in connection with the incident, before being remanded in custody.

Following the harrowing incident, the victim has released an impact statement, saying: “There are days where I struggle to get out of bed. Not recognising the person I once was. I wonder what the point is, where I no longer have the confidence to live like I used to. To live in a city like London, and constantly be in fear feels hopeless.

“I’m a grown woman, who is now scared of the dark. I feel embarrassed trying to make plans to see friends, or client meetings and having to work around this. In the winter months it makes this basically impossible.”

Detective Sergeant Matthew Cooksey said: “Pullock is a truly dangerous individual who planned a terrifying attack on the victim for no reason other than his own gratification. I am glad that he pleaded guilty and spared the victim from having to relive the experience at court. He will now spend a significant period behind bars.

“We are working hard to prevent violence against women and girls and we will continue to remove these dangerous offenders from the streets of London.”

Sexual Offences Investigation Trained (SOIT) Officer, PC Rita Stepanoviene added: “Primarily I would like to commend the victim for her bravery throughout the investigation and her willingness to attend court. I hope this result will provide some respite to the victim and allow her to begin to move on from this awful attack.”

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