AKEL on US and British sanctions:

It’s the Government’s responsibility to clear the country’s name

18 May 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The developments surrounding the issue of US-British sanctions underline the extent of the humiliation that the country has and continues to experience as a result of the policies and practices that were pursued by the previous government.

The deeds and days of the government of DISY and Anastasiades have turned Cyprus into a synonym for unprecedented corruption and entanglement/interwoven interests abroad, with the result that today the future is at stake – not just the future of those who have been profiting from unfair and illegal practices at the expense of society – but of all working people and the economy.

Regardless of whatever expediencies the imposition of sanctions serve, the Christodoulides government has a responsibility to clear our country’s name and make the country a state governed by the rule of law without any footnotes, asterisks and hidden agendas.

The Christodoulides government is also called upon to manage the day after in a serious and careful manner in order to protect those who are unjustly being victimised for the sake of sanctions. It is the government’s responsibility to do so and it must assume this responsibility.

The economy and working people should not have to pay for the mistakes committed by those who have chosen, for the sake of easy profit, to put personal interest over and above the country’s collective interests.

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