About one third of nights spent by tourist in Cyprus, as well as the EU average, for the year 2022, were recorded in July and August according to data released by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU, which illustrate seasonal patterns in arrivals and nights spent at EU tourist accommodation establishments.

In 2022, the traditional seasonal pattern was observed in the EU, with the majority of nights spent recorded in August (18% of nights spent in 2022; 478 million nights), closely followed by July (16%; 440 million).

In contrast, the share of nights spent was lowest in January (3%; 89 million), followed by February (4%; 111 million).

In Cyprus, the months with the largest number of nights spent in tourist accommodation were August and July, at essentially the same levels (2 million 563 thousand 918 and 2 million 563 thousand 425 respectively). The lowest numbers were recorded in February (194 thousand 152) and January (199 thousand 220).

A significant portion of arrivals was also recorded in July and August in the EU (each 14% of total arrivals in 2022; 127 and 128 million arrivals, respectively).

In Cyprus, most arrivals were recorded in July (481 thousand) and August (450 thousand).

Both in the EU in general and in Cyprus, the peak in nights spent is more pronounced than the peak in arrivals, suggesting that tourists tend to stay longer during these busier months, likely corresponding with their main holiday period. This trend heightens the demand for accommodations during the summer season.

The peak months for nights spent were July and August across all the EU countries in 2022. The seasonal pattern was most pronounced in Croatia (59% of nights spent in 2022), Bulgaria (48%) and Greece (43%). Meanwhile, the seasonal pattern was least pronounced in Malta and Finland (both 25%), and Germany (26%).

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