An international aeronaitical exercise, named “CYP/FRA-02/2023”, took place on Sunday in the maritime area south of Limassol, on the occasion of the presence in the area of the Frigate LANGUEDOC, of the French Navy.

The Defense Ministry said in an announcement that the exercise was planned by the Navy Command, in collaboration with the French Navy, and it was attended by the Navy Command’s vessel ALASIA, the Air Force Command’s AW-139 and frigate LANGUEDOC.

The scenario included tactical movements and forward maneuvers and a reconnaissance exercise which involved aeronautical cooperation.

The exercise is part of the international collaborations of the Cyprus National Guard with armed forces of friendly countries and is particularly beneficial, as it provides the personnel of the National Guard Units the chance to train together with the corresponding Units of the French Armed Forces, thus promoting the level of training, interoperability and highlighting the excellent relations between the Armed Forces of the two countries.

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