Congratulations Ishaan 🙌🏽
Posted @withregram • @ishaanshahuk Humbled to have received Young Citizen of the Year from Mayor Alison Moore and Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Barnet Martin Russell.
We received this honour from @barnetcouncil for our work on co-creating ‘My Say Matters’, a strategy and roadmap for integrating and institutionalising the meaningful participation and leadership of young people and children across local governance work, service provision, and decision-making processes.
For the first time in Barnet Council’s history, young people and children are being seen not only as beneficiaries but as partners. This landmark strategy, which turns 1 year old shortly, has triggered a transformative process to meaningfully centre the engagement, participation, and co-leadership of all young people and children, in all our diversity, across all efforts, procedures and decision-making by Barnet Council.
This is what sharing space and sharing power look like at the very grassroots level.
As we continue to focus on the operationalisation and implementation of ‘My Say Matters’, we collectively look forward to working with Councillors and Council Staff, in an intergenerational manner, as co-leaders, co-creators and co-owners, to deliver on concrete action and changes to make Barnet a more inclusive, representative, healthier, safer and greener.
My gratitude to all the young people and children who have dedicated so much time to ‘My Say Matters’, from the drafting and design to the implementation and monitoring. I am in awe of your commitment, creativity, and passion for local governance. To work with you all and to be recognised for our work alongside you is a tremendous pleasure, and I am so proud of the work we do as Barnet Youth.
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