Statement by Stavri Kalopsidiotou, Head of Human Rights Policy of the C.C. of AKEL
AKEL welcomes court decision on sexual harassment paving the way for all victims to speak up
16 May 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
Yesterday’s decision of the Larnaca District Court is a victory for Justice itself, but more importantly for the victim and all those women who have suffered sexual offences. AKEL welcomes yesterday’s decision, stressing that with it the Court has set the bar of social justice high.
On the one hand, the Court decision sends a very clear message that the heinous crime of sexual harassment cannot and must not be hidden behind the veil of any power or power relationship. That neither church robes, nor political power or any form of authority is sufficient to cover up the abusive illegal treatment of women. And on the other hand, making it juristically absolutely clear that time cannot in practice absolve gendered sexual offences either.
With this decision, the Court has paved the way for all victims to speak up and not hesitate to shed light on the abusive treatment they have suffered, no matter how long it has been, no matter who they have facing them.
For AKEL, however, this decision also conveys a message to all the competent bodies and institutions of the state, which are called upon to take more, but also substantive initiatives to combat violence against women. This is also a commitment that stems from the Istanbul Convention as well.

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