“Energy is a public social good and the state must make substantive interventions for the viability of the semi-governmental Cyprus Electricity Authority AHK”

AKEL had repeatedly warned the previous government that the problems in AHK shift costs on consumers, while the Electricity Authority itself is facing serious problems, former Trade Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis in the Demetris Christofias government pointed out to Astra.

He stressed that the state is responsible for the sustainability of the Electricity Authority as AHK is a semi-governmental body.

N.Sylikiotis noted that those who are profiting are ultimately the traders and those selling renewable energy.

At the same time, N.Sylikiotis pointed out that in order to be viable, AHK must enter the renewable energy game.

N.Sylikiotis stressed that energy is a public social good and the state must make substantive interventions for the sustainability of AHK so that the Authority has the tools to reduce the cost of electricity production.The Energy Minister’s admissions confirm AKEL

Yesterday’s admissions by the Minister of Energy confirm everything AKEL has been saying for years. For ten years now, the previous government wasn’t giving the tools it should have given to the semi-governmental Cyprus Electricity Authority (AHK), whilst restricting and undermining it. The result is that Cypriot society is paying the consequences every two months with exorbitant electricity bills, at the same time as the country has ended up facing an energy sufficiency problem.

The policy proposed by AKEL should belatedly be listened to. All the tools and weapons should be given to the Cyprus Electricity Authority to invest in natural gas and green production, to develop know-how, thus drastically bringing down the cost of electricity.

Ensuring the country’s energy sufficiency and reducing the price of electricity should be the government’s top and urgent tasks.

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