Cypriot President refers to a new level of relations with the United States
Photograph: PIO//PIO
The statements of the US Ambassador on all issues are in line with the approach of the Cypriot government, said President Nikos Christodoulides, referring to a new level of relations with the United States.

When asked, on the sidelines of Monday’s energy workshop, about an interview by the US Ambassador, Julie Fisher, to the newspaper “Phileleftheros,” President Christodoulides welcomed the statements made by the Ambassador on all issues.

“I believe that her references on all issues are important and in line with our approach both with regard to the issue of sanctions and the response by the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the future of our bilateral relations that have evolved to a very important degree in the last few years in the field of defense, security, political relations, consultations.’’

He added that the government’s plan, which is already being implemented, aims to bring about such developments, that will allow the Cypriot society to see this new level of relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States.

The President referred to two examples of these relations. As he said, after their initial contact with the U.S. Ambassador, they already received a roadmap regarding the issue of visa waiver for Cypriot citizens choosing to travel to the United States. He added that he has appointed a coordinator for the matter, who is now working together with the involved ministries and U.S. authorities to make progress.

Another area of collaboration between the government of Cyprus and the U.S. government, he mentioned, is the attraction of U.S. investments to Cyprus.

“We are working in coordination so that we can soon have some trade missions from the United States, missions that see the added value of investing in Cyprus, and not only in Cyprus but also in the broader region,” he said.

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