200 fraudulent Blue Badges have been seized by Haringey Council following a joint partnership between disabled residents and the council.

Last year disabled residents co-produced the Blue Badge Enforcement Policy, leading to tougher action against people who are using Blue Badges fraudulently in Haringey.

A significant investment of £1million has been made into a new system which allows civil enforcement officers to see if a Blue Badge is stolen, has been reported lost or the badge holder has deceased.

The new technology allows an instant response when a badge is being checked and as a result the council have been able to seize over 200 badges that have been stolen and taken off the streets of Haringey.

Vehicles misusing the badge are often taken away with the owner having to pay a fine and forfeiting the Blue Badge.

Cllr Seema Chandwani, Cabinet Member for Tackling Inequality and Resident Services, said:

I want to thank residents who have who have played their part in such a successful scheme and is helping to making a difference to thousands of others across the borough.

Following the co-production of our Disability Parking Action Plan, we have worked with disabled residents to get tougher on Blue Badge misuse in Haringey.

We have invested £1 million in new state of the art technology and have increased our patrols to seek out stolen Blue Badges in use on our streets.

As we celebrate our first milestone with over one thousand fines issued to those misusing a Blue Badge and over 200 Blue Badges seized in Haringey, we are sending a clear message that we are not going to tolerate Blue Badge misuse in our borough.

A huge thank you to disabled residents who co-designed our Blue Badge Enforcement Policy and helped us shape our enforcement operations.

Disabled residents are continually improving the Blue Badge and disabled parking in Haringey, find out the progress so far here.

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