Vote Labour’s Destiny Karakus in Bullsmoor Ward by-election
By George A Savva MBE

Following the resignation of Councillor Esin Gunes, a by-election will be held in the Bullsmoor ward in Enfield on Thursday 20 April to fill the vacancy.
It’s another great opportunity for the people of Bullsmoor Ward to send yet another strong message to the government that enough is enough.
You may say to me that the election on 20 April is a local by-election – yes I agree, but the local Tories are not any better than the central Conservative government. They have refused to condemn the actions of Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, be it on immigration issues, the way Covid-19 was handled, allowing energy companies to increase to astronomical prices, or not acting on the continuous rise of mortgage interest rates which is now leading to young couples losing their homes. Inflation figures are at a record high, the number of homeless people is constantly increasing and the Tory government refuses to help local authorities such as Enfield, which don’t have much funding, to build new houses. The NHS is on the brink of collapse with waiting times for an operation or medical treatment growing. It’s just a big scandal that this government cannot offer the very basics to the people of this country.
There are strikes taking place one after the other; junior doctors are walking out for a third time along with other professions that are striking as a result of the Conservative’s unworkable policies which have left families trying to make ends meet, food banks increasing in numbers, 4 million children living in poverty and going to school starving and inadequately clothed. Teachers are providing breakfast to these children as early as 7am.
The unfortunate fact is that the local Tories have not written or asked of the government to spare a thought for these children and families or to invest in helping local authorities build council housing. Instead of directing their criticism at their own government, they prefer to just simply blame everyone else.
Do the local Tories, or the Tory government for that matter, actually deserve our vote after 13 years of austerity, crisis after crisis? On 20 April 2023, we vote Labour. We send a strong message that we do not approve of the way the Tories act and behave, always knocking the working class families, and even local businesses are suffering as a result of this uncaring government.
We give our vote to the Labour candidate for Bullsmoor Ward, Destiny Karakus, a young and enthusiastic person who will work with the other Labour Councillors in trying to eliminate the damage the Tories have inflicted in Enfield over the years.
Honour your democratic right to vote. Polls open 7am and close at 10pm. Do not let apathy be the winner.
Strikes are a good way to show our disgust to this government. An even stronger voice is through the ballot and the opportunity is given to remind the Tories that democracy will have the last word. No one should stay away from the polls and please use your postal vote if you have registered to vote by post.

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