Cyprus President, Nikos Christodoulides said on Sunday he believes that there will be more entries of names of natural and legal persons in the sanctions list against Russia, without excluding entities located within the Republic of Cyprus, emphasising at the same time that the government will do whatever is possible so that the country’s reputation will not be negatively affected.

We will not allow anyone to think that they can violate sanctions, cause problems and use our country’s name and continue with this type of behaviour, President Christodoulides added.

Answering questions on the sidelines of a TELETHON event in Nicosia whether the British and American authorities have provided information regarding new sanctions against Russia, the President of the Republic said that “so far we have not received any information”, but that “we are expecting it at any moment”.

“We have been told that information will be given to us gradually. It will not be given to us all at once because many services and authorities are involved, both from the United States and the British authorities,” he noted.

President Christodoulides emphasised that “on our part, we are doing everything possible” and “we will do whatever needs to be done so that our country is not considered a country that violates sanctions, that does not implement sanctions.”

This is our chance to finally “put an end to this issue and clear our country’s name,” he stressed, noting that “efforts have been made for many years” to clear Cyprus’ name and “this did not start recently.”

“Efforts have been made over time and these efforts have yielded results,” he noted.

According to President Christodoulides, the goal is “to further improve it in relation to the impression that exists about our country, but also about the reality of what is happening in these fields.”

The President of the Republic underlined that “we will not allow anyone to think that they can violate (the sanctions), creating a problem, at the same time, in the name of our country” and continue with such behaviour.

“Beyond that, we will see the facts, the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus are ready at any time to study them, evaluate them, and we will talk about this again,” he said.

When asked if there is information about a new list or the addition of other individuals to the sanctions, President Christodoulides said that he believes more entries will be added, without referring, as he said, “to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus”, but “in general, without excluding the possibility that there may be entities, or legal or natural persons who are within the Republic.”

He said what is important for us is that any relevant information is provided to the government “as soon as possible,” and he reiterated that “we will do whatever is possible” and “we will not allow our country’s name to be negatively affected.”

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