AKEL visits Troodos and Limassol Hospitals

The upgrading and support of the public health sector is imperative

5 April 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

A delegation of AKEL, headed by AKEL Parliamentary Representative, Giorgos Loukaides, and AKEL MP, Marina Nicolaou, visited Troodos Hospital and Limassol General Hospital today, in order to talk to workers and examine the issues they are facing.
The conclusion was that unfortunately both hospitals are understaffed and lack equipment, while there is a need to upgrade their infrastructures.

This is a situation which weighs heavily on those forces and circles who, for years, have been deliberately undermining the quality of the services provided and degrading working people’s dignity.
At the same time, the sincere efforts undertaken by the management and staff of the two hospitals to provide the best possible quality of service under the circumstances were pointed out.

AKEL assures that it will make every effort to modernise, upgrade the quality of and provide substantial support to the public health sector, which represents the very backbone of the National Health Scheme (GESY).

Towards this end, it should be recalled that the submission of a roadmap is still pending on the part of the Health Ministry, with actions and measures within specific timeframes, which will lead to the objective of substantially upgrading public hospitals.

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