The peace initiative of the People’s Republic of China on the Ukraine issue and the West
Article by Nikos Ioannou, member of the Political Bureau of AKEL
Sunday 2 April 2023, “Haravgi” newspaper
The war in Ukraine is causing suffering, horror and destruction to the people of Ukraine, the loss of life to thousands of Russian soldiers and economic impact on the peoples of Europe and beyond.
For more than a year no serious and substantive for peace initiative was undertaken by any international regional or other military organization or state. On the contrary, the USA, NATO and the EU all support the government of Ukraine with military equipment and finances. The aid to Ukraine from the West is unprecedented worth multi-billions of dollars. The ongoing sanctions imposed on Russia by the USA and the EU do not appear to have brought about a change in Moscow’s stand. Ukrainian resistance to the Russian onslaught is proving strong. Under these circumstances no one knows the final outcome of this war.
The initiative taken by the People’s Republic of China on the occasion of the first anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine to find a political solution to the Ukrainian issue seems to be the most serious and reliable. Before it was even put to the conflicting sides for discussion, an attempt was made to eliminate it by the USA, NATO and the EU.
The People’s Republic of China as a Permanent Member of the Security Council of the United Nations has a good external record regarding the respect for the principles of International Law given that it has no history of colonial or neo-colonial interventions against other countries. Today, the People’s Republic of China, taking into account the powerful economic power it possesses, is a country that can guarantee a framework of stability and peace. The accusations being fired by NATO and others about China supposedly sending military equipment to Russia seeks to spread confusion, apparently evidently because they realize that they no longer have the hegemonic role in the world. To date, such an accusation has not been substantiated and documented.
The People’s Republic of China assumed the named Global Security Initiative in 2022. A diplomatic success in this context is the signing of an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran for the resumption of diplomatic relations on 10 March 2023.
This initiative taken by the P.R. of China, as well as the proposal submitted for a political solution to the Ukrainian issue to be found in this very troubled world, should have been welcomed by all peace-loving states. On the day the PRC submitted its peace proposal, the US and EU leaders were sending messages about the need to continue the hostilities.
China’s proposal contains 12 points which, if supported, could lead to a political agreement. Among the proposals is the respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of each country. The proposal focuses on the ceasefire and the waging of a peaceful dialogue to solve the problem. The above is combined with a number of immediate measures concerning the maintenance of the safety of nuclear power plants, the safeguarding of the rights of civilians and prisoners, the facilitation of the export of grain from the Black Sea and overall supply chains.
Zelensky’s positive mood for discussion creates a positive outlook. If his intention is sincere then there may be light at the end of the tunnel first and foremost for the benefit of the Ukrainian people and by extension Ukraine, but also for the cause of Peace and stability itself in the region, the European and international environment .

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