The planet’s population is expected to grow to around 10 billion before the end of the 21st century, according to United Nations projections. But this cannot be said for Europe, which, according to the same estimates, will see its numbers shrink to 7.3% of the world by 2050 from 22% in 1950 and 9.5% today.

Greece’s population will also decrease – probably by 1.3 million, or 12%, compared to the present – according to a digital bulletin from the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses at Athens University called “The population of Greece on the horizon of 2050.”

The report states that the only age group which will increase is that including people aged 65 and over, growing by some 800,000 individuals to 3.15 million in 2050. Meanwhile, both the 0-19 age group and the working-age population will shrink, with fewer than 4.5 million people aged 20-64 by 2050, from 6.03 million in 2022.

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