Evacuation operations of foreign citizens via Cyprus will continue and the authorities have already accepted a request by Australia to transport citizens using the island as a hub. The Australian authorities will use Larnaka international airport for this purpose.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Theodoros Gotsis told the Cyprus News Agency that the British will make an effort to continue their evacuation operations until Tuesday. So far 2,200 people were evacuated and 1,800 have already departed the island. An additional evacuation flight is expected to leave Cyprus on Sunday.

Gotsis said that the Cyprus Foreign Ministry received a request by Australia to use the island for evacuation purposes and one military aircraft will land at Larnaka Airport today.

He said that “ESTIA” national scheme is in full operation and the authorities stand ready to provide humanitarian assistance to any country. “ESTIA”’ is the National Action Plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, which is activated in case of emergency or crisis situation in order to allow for the safe evacuation of civilians from a nearby crisis area through Cyprus.

Gotsis also said that two members of the family of a person of Cypriot origin, who were travelling by car to Egypt, have already reached the country and they are under the responsibility of the Cyprus Embassy in Cairo.

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