We will not let anyone smear Cyprus’ reputation said President Nikos Christodoulides on Tuesday, following a meeting at the Presidential Palace on the issue of sanctions imposed by the US and the UK on individuals and legal entities in Cyprus, in connection with Russia’s invasion to Ukraine.

This is the second meeting on the issue, in the presence of the Justice Minister, the Permanent Secretary of the Finance Ministry, the Attorney General and deputy Attorney General, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Cyprus Bar Association and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

The President stressed at the same time that those who violate the sanctions, if any, will not be protected.

Leaving the Presidential office after the meeting , the President said that all who attended, are on the same page and have the same goal, to do everything possible not to allow anyone to smear the name our country.

He said that we should approach this development of the sanctions as an opportunity to finish with the issue that has dragged on for far too long “once and for all’’ .

Asked if the Government received information from the authorities in the US or the UK, the President said that when there is something, we will be informed.

Moreover, in statements upon his arrival at OEB General Assembly venue, in Nicosia, President Christodoulides noted that the meeting provided the opportunity to exchange views and all participants agreed that we will not allow anyone to smear Cyprus’ name.

He said that the state, the government and the private sector have suffered a lot from similar situations and therefore they are ready, as soon as they have all the evidence, to do whatever is necessary to protect Cyprus’ name and reputation.

Replying to a question the President said that he believes there will be more names on the sanctions’ lists either from the US, the UK, or the EU, adding once again that whatever needs to be done, will be done.

He said that already too much has been done and more steps will be taken to prevent such phenomena, because we do not want to see such developments taking place in our country.

The President said that this is something negative for the Government, the State, the private sector and the citizens but went on to stress that we have nothing to fear.

He said that any information we receive will be investigated and we will hide nothing.

President Christodoulides also said that he does not think we could negotiate or consult with regards to decisions taken by a foreign government, adding that all supervisory authorities and the Bar Association are on the same page.

He also said that we are not here to protect those, if any, who violate the sanctions, adding that important steps have been taken and what we are aiming for is to end such situations.

President Christodoulides also said that the bank act on the basis of their own framework, but it is important to secure this sector as well. He added that he is sure everyone realizes the importance of the banking sector in particular, considering what we had to go through as a country a few years earlier, with the bank crisis.

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