President Nikos Christodoulides said the upcoming establishment of the National Security Council in Cyprus was long overdue, due to the country’s geopolitical position and the longstanding Cyprus problem.
“Geopolitical changes and the constant redistribution of power in the region mandates the operation of such a mechanism,” Christodoulides said in a document circulating among members of the Council of Ministers on Monday, calling the upcoming body a flexible instrument that will allow to achieve specific goals.
“The daily experience of governance in Cyprus demonstrates that there is a need for greater and more systematic coordination of state services and authorities as far as security and foreign policy are concerned,” the document said.
Members of the National Security Council will be tasked with briefing the President and the Council of Ministers on issues concerning national security, defence, and foreign policy, as well as the negotiation for a solution to the Cyprus problem.
Moreover, it will analyse and plan a National Security Strategy and monitor the implementation of ad-hoc policies approved by the executive, as well as develop cooperative relations with similar bodies in other countries.
The National Security Council will respond directly to Christodoulides and will be headed by the National Security Adviser, who will be appointed by the President. However, it will be initially under the supervision of the Cyprus Intelligence Service, according to government spokesperson Constantinos Letymbiotis.
Members of the body will initially include the President, the foreign and justice ministers, the head of the Cyprus Intelligence Service, the soon-to-be appointed National Security Adviser and the Chief of Police.
The National Security Council’s headquarter is set to be the Presidential Palace.

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