Boulter & Co LLP, a well-established law firm based in North London, celebrated their 25th anniversary on Friday 31st March with an event held at their offices in Park Road, Crouch End.
The agiasmos blessing was conducted by His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Claudiopolis, who wished the company continued success. He was accompanied by Revd Petros.
Present at the event were Catherine West MP, Consul General of the Cyprus High Commission Odysseas Odysseos, President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK Christos Karaolis and Managing Director of Parikiaki Bambos Charalambous.
In his welcoming speech, Andrew Anthony Joannides, Senior partner at Boulter & Co, thanked the special guests for their presence.
Catherine West MP spoke briefly about how a visit earlier in the day to Wandsworth Prison, brought home “the importance of the rule of law and of representation.” Turning to Mr Joannides, she said, “obviously a lot of the work that you do will be in the private sector, but in general, in London, we have fantastic legal bodies and it’s an important place to start out in law.”
She added, “We have a lot of wonderful courses where law is studied and where a lot of staff can come and learn about the law and be employed by thriving businesses like Boulter & Co. We are really fortunate in Crouch End to have half a dozen really high quality solicitor firms. I’m pleased that we have that vibrancy and it’s also wonderful for Crouch End to have professionals who are based here, who work here, who use our services and keep our high street going.”
The Labour MP for Hornsey and Wood Green continued, “On behalf of the local Labour Party and the community, I would like to congratulate you on your 25 years and to say how wonderful it is to have these friends here; Christos and Bambos I know very well as they come into parliament regularly to remind MPs about their duty to Cyprus, all the commitments we’ve made through the United Nations Resolutions, and the important activism that comes through the Federation and the work in parliament which is cross-party.
“Our mission is to promote the bizonal federation, to be informed of the very sad past from the 70s and to keep the connections of family, land, memories, language, and we get to know all of this because Christos and his team organise for Members of Parliament and the House of Lords to travel to Cyprus to get to know the history, to understand the meaning of the UN Resolutions, and all of that forms a great backdrop to our vibrant economy here in London – it doesn’t sound very connected when you necessarily put them next to each other, but it is, because we have wonderful Cyprus members who keep our community going through thick and thin, throughout all the work that we do in parliament, throughout all the cross-party arrangements that we have and we always have the wonderful presence of the High Commission as well.”
In turn, Cyprus Consul General of the Cyprus High Commission Odysseas Odysseos, said it was a pleasure to be attending the event. He congratulated Boulter & Co on their 25th anniversary, adding that “it’s very important that a company which has been active for so long, in a very competitive environment, continues to survive, thrive and grow, and I hope that you continue with the same pace for many more years.”
He continued, “As Consul General, I’m proud that Boulter & Co has Cypriots within its senior team and with their inspired guidance, the company is thriving and establishing a solid footprint in the legal field in the UK.”
He concluded by wishing the company all the very best and that they may long continue to provide services of the highest level, professionalism and effectiveness.
Addressing the audience, Mr Joannides told guests the story of how he first joined Boulter & Co, adding that he is now the longest service person in the company.
“I was approached to join whilst I was just about to qualify. Initially I said no, but I was soon convinced it was the right move. I had my doubts, but I’m glad to say I was proved wrong. It took a lot of hard work and like any other organisation, we wouldn’t have succeeded without a really, really good team.”
Clearly overcome with emotion, Mr Joannides proceeded, “We opened our first office down in Tottenham Lane and we were there for a few years before moving in 2005 to our current site in Park Road. We also had a second office in Waltham Cross which didn’t work out, but this office thrived and here we are.
“We are four partners – myself, Sally Louca, John Appleton and Rupert Chichester – we all have varied views and operate differently, but collectively that works. We’ve had lots of new solicitors come on board over the last 12 months, all adding their expertise, and together we want to do more things and are hoping to expand in the future.”
He concluded, “I never imagined I’d be standing here celebrating 25 years but I’m fortunate to be doing so, so eat, drink and be merry!”

About the firm

Boulter & Co opened in 1998 in office premises located at 47b Tottenham Lane, London N8.
It started with three people: Maria Boulter, the original senior partner and Head of Litigation, Paul Cacciatore, conveyancer, and a legal secretary, Jacqui English.
Paul was an employee of Barnes and Partners where he and Andrew Anthony Joannides met, and Maria was a solicitor at a trade union firm called Pattison and Brewer. She was also Paul’s sister-in-law.
“I was asked to join at the inception of the firm,” said Andrew, “but turned it down as I had concerns. I was wrong, and 12 months later I joined. Soon after, my current PA, Kelly Cove, joined as our new receptionist.”
The firm’s original premises were small, but they were busy and quite successful. They moved to the current Crouch End site in 2005. By then, Anna, who is head of accounts, had also joined, with a young Shereen Begum soon to follow after receptionist Kelly agreed to become Paul Cacciatore’s legal secretary. The firm opened (then closed) a second office in Waltham Cross (2003 to 2009).
In 2013/14, Andrew replaced Maria Boulter as senior partner and whilst it has not always been plane sailing, Andrew would like to think he has made a success of his role. The firm changed its legal stats in 2019 from a partnership to an LLP, as both Sally and John became equity partners with Rupert as a salaried partner. The change and the addition of the new partners helped the firm grow and Andrew says he is indebted to Sally for her unwavering support and her steely determination to get things done, to John for the new revenue streams he bought in, and to Rupert for being the blue blood in a firm made up of ethnically and socially diverse individuals.
“Sally gave me the belief to push on in difficult times, when the chips were down,” said Andrew. “She has earnt and scrapped without privilege or advantage to get where she is. For the trainees and newly qualified solicitors in the firm, if you want to understand how to build character and push on to success then spend some time with Sally.”
Boulter & Co also has a second office in Church Street, Enfield, run by John who has over 30 years’ experience. Andrew said, “He is part of the Enfield legal establishment and is your stereotypical friendly local solicitor who are sadly now such a dying breed.”
Boulter & Co’s areas of expertise include all types of property, commercial and residential conveyancing. They deal with tribunal lease extensions, RTM, enfranchisement, landlord and tenants etc.
The firm has expanded and hopes to follow a cautious and managed expansion.
Ebru Osoy joined 11 months ago and Ayse Seyer soon after. Combined with Nigel Graham Barnes’ arrival, the firm now has fee earners who cover areas of work not previously undertaken.
Georgia Roberts (now Hawkins), qualified on 1st March having previously been Andrew’s trainee.
Family matters are covered by Ebru and Nigel, immigration by Ayse and contested probates by Nigel.
Andrew commented, “In a nutshell, unless it’s an area we do not cover i.e. criminal, we should all try and cross refer work to each other. The two things that I do not want to see is us turning work away or losing work / clients. We collectively have the skill sets to retain all our clients’ alternate needs. I am hopeful that the litigation within the firm can now grow.”
He further wished to thank all members of staff: David Garfinkel (Solicitor Consultant), Andri Loizou (Solicitor), Ebru Osoy (Litigation Solicitor), Georgia Roberts (Solicitor), Christopher Theodorou (Solicitor), Nigel Graham Barnes (Solicitor), Ayse Seyer (Trainee Solicitor), Anna Giambrone (Accounts Manager and Bookkeeper), Kelly Cove (Secretary to Andrew Joannides), Shereen Begum (Secretary and Assistant to Sally Louca), Kristina Stamatiou (Secretary and Assistant to Andrew Joannides), Corrine Titman (Secretary to Andrew Joannides), Natalie Sophokleous (Accounts Assistant), Natasha Hambi (Office Manager), Vasiliki Christou (Legal Administrator / Paralegal), Stephanie Christou (Secretary to John Appleton), Sophia Sofroniou (Receptionist) and
Kelly Rennick (Secretary to John Appleton).

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