AKEL’s Easter message

14 April 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, AKEL wishes the Cypriot people as a whole good health, progress and prosperity, moments of rest and warmth during the festive period. We extend our special wishes to all the working people who will not be with their own beloved ones during these festive days, but who will be working and on shifts, in hospitals, essential services, the retail trade and catering.

In these moments of joy and rest, we should not forget that thousands of households and our fellow citizens are facing economic uncertainty, the rampant high cost of living and poverty. We address the whole of society and call on it to continue our initiatives providing practical solidarity with our fellow human beings who are currently in greatest need, the vulnerable groups of the population, the poor and the homeless, regardless of nationality and religion.

The message of Easter, which encapsulates the victory of life, at the same time conveys a message of hope in the face of every personal and collective ordeal. With solidarity and humanity, with struggles and optimism.

With these thoughts in mind, AKEL wishes everyone a Happy Easter in peace and love.

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