Andrea Pegg was one of 15 people on board Talia Airways Flight 2H79 on February 27, 1988, when it crashed into the Five Fingered Peak on the approach to Cyprus on its flight from Turkey. There were no survivors, and pilot error was given as the cause of the crash.

Ms Pegg was born in the Catterick and Richmond area on June 4, 1964, although she and her family seem soon to have relocated to Bournemouth.

In 2019, aviation historian Oz Orman, from London, visited the crash site and discovered how a monument placed on the mountainside had become vandalised. His pressure led the authorities to replace the monument, but they failed to engrave either Andrea’s name on it or the name of the other air stewardess, Sharon Simcock.

However, in time for the 35th anniversary of the crash in February, an anonymous local benefactor paid for the names to be added.

“Like me, they were dismayed at the lack of action over the incomplete memorial,” said Mr Orman, who appealed through Memories in 2020 for any North Yorkshire relatives of Ms Pegg to contact him. “It has taken four long years, but at last Sharon and Andrea’s names have been added alongside those of their Turkish colleagues. May they finally rest in peace.”

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