82 years since the foundation of AKEL

With the momentum of history, with an eye to the future

14 April 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

Today eighty-two years have passed since the foundation of AKEL. On 14th April 1941, on the initiative taken by the illegal Communist Party of Cyprus (CPC), and in cooperation with progressive figures of that era, the Founding Assembly of AKEL in the village of Skarinou was the answer to the need for the establishment of a legal and mass party of the working people and the Left of Cyprus.

AKEL took the baton of class struggle and the banner of democracy, peace and socialism from the Communist Party of Cyprus. It grew into a mass party spectacularly from the very first years of its birth and all through these eight decades AKEL has become, with the strength given to it by the people, the great force in the progressive and democratic pole of Cyprus.

It was tied and identified with the working class and all the working people through the struggles it organised and the gains it won.

It united Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in the struggles for bread and freedom.

It defended democracy and the freedom of the Homeland against colonialism, fascism, foreign invaders and imperialism with the bloody sacrifice made by its children.

It led the way in the education of the people in villages, districts, neighborhoods and became a companion of the people of culture, the arts and letters.

It learned to build cooperation and forge alliances based on principles so that small and great struggles could yield results, so that small and great changes that move the country forward could be realised.

Through its consistency and positions, it has earned the title of a force for reunification, rapprochement and peace.

It has spoken and continues to speak about the values of solidarity, anti-racism, internationalism and humanity in Cypriot society.

In its century of life and struggle, our Party – first as the Communist Party of Cyprus and subsequently as AKEL – has experienced all kinds of trials and tribulations.

It has confronted establishment orders, faced prohibition and illegality, assassinations, campaigns of terror launched against it and slanders.

It overcame defeats, mistakes and disappointments.

But it managed to continue the struggle because fighters with selflessness and loyalty, whom we honor with respect and gratitude, served and defended it.

It held on because it won the trust of the people and youth through its daily struggles.

It managed to overcome obstacles because it found “words that carry the same weight in all hearts, on all lips”.

Now, and with the milestone of the upcoming Statutory Party Congress convening next autumn, AKEL will confirm that the Left is synonymous with boldness and leadership.

That the Party is once again keeping up with the needs of our era and the young generation.

That it is becoming more effective, constantly renewed and outward-looking.

That it defends its principles and values and for this, it is opening up to new ideas and approaches.

That it is strengthening inter-party democracy and opening channels of dialogue and cooperation with all the progressive people of our country.

That it is at the forefront and in the frontline of the struggles for the modern needs of youth, workers and the people.

AKEL moves forward.

With its ideology and its 100-year-long path of struggle.

With the vision for tomorrow and the struggles for today.

With the momentum of history and with an eye to the future!

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