At least 97 civilians have been killed and 365 others injured since hostilities broke out between the Sudanese army and paramilitaries, according to the latest tally by the Sudanese Medical Association.

The World Health Organization speaks of 83 dead and 1,126 injured and points out that the situation in hospitals is tragic.

In Khartoum, where the army’s fiercest military conflicts are taking place with the powerful paramilitary organization Rapid Support Forces (DTY).

People of all ages, including Greek Orthodox, Sudanese, Ethiopians and a Russian woman with her child, are trapped for the second day inside the building of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis in Hartoum.

As the Metropolitan of Nubia and All Sudan, Mr Savvas, told ERT, there are basic necessities to get through a few days, with the power and water supply cut off, as is the case throughout the country.

Greeks are hospitalized in the city’s hospitals after injuries they suffered yesterday when a rocket fell outside the church. The two injured Greeks are awaiting surgery however there are serious shortages of materials such bandages and surgical equipment and the shops supplying the hospital are currently closed due to the state of emergency.

The testimonies of the trapped Greeks as well as the Metropolitan of Nubia and all Sudan, Savva, in SKAI are shocking.

“From yesterday they are hitting the Metropolis. This is happening for the first time, it has never happened before that they hit a church, hit a place where there is a flag of another state. This is happening for the first time,” said the Metropolitan of Nubia, speaking to SKAI about the dramatic situation that prevails, stressing that “at any moment we can die.”

Meanwhile, by order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, the crisis management unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was activated. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it points out that it is in communication with Metropolitan Savvas and asks the Greeks who are in Sudan to observe the maximum possible security measures and to avoid unnecessary movements.

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