Statement by Stefanos Stefanou, General Secretary of the Central Committee of AKEL, after the meeting of the C.C.

11 Mar 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

During the plenary of the Central Committee of AKEL today, the result of the Presidential Elections was assessed and the day after [the presidential elections] was discussed within the context of the new political conditions that have evolved.

The goal of achieving progressive change was not achieved. This fact causes disappointment and provokes concern for our country’s present and future.

The assessment of the Central Committee is that the election result contains positive and promising elements on which we have an obligation to build on for the future. There was a total rallying of the people of the Left. We met with people from the spectrum of ecology and the centre-left, but also with many citizens who share the progressive principles and values that we had highlighted. Among the under-40 age group, Andreas Mavroyiannis was the first choice among the young generation of the country. The same was also the case among the refugees, a fact that is linked to the Cyprus problem and the prospects for its solution.

All this, of course, as we have already noted, creates perspectives for the future. However, this does not lead us to complacency, but to a sense of responsibility. Responsibility to work and build on these perspectives a powerful AKEL and a strong Left, but also a responsibility to forge cooperation to develop the progressive majority of tomorrow.

This is precisely what Cyprus needs in order to be able to move forward.

AKEL’s attention is focused on the future, on the next day after the presidential election. The big and pressing problems, the deadlocks facing the country, the people, workers, the young generation, do not permit us to dwell for long on discussions about yesterday. Price hikes/expensiveness, the high cost of living, housing, inequalities, labour relations, education and health issues, the need for a strong economy that supports an effective welfare state, the major progressive changes that the state and institutions needs, but also society’s demand for accountability of those who have disgraced Cyprus with scandals demand action, assertions and struggles from us.

The effort to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem demands action and struggle, which must be based on the resumption of the negotiations from the point where they had remained in 2017 [at Crans Montana], on the basis of the Guterres Framework, preserving the body of work in the negotiations that has been agreed.

AKEL, as the main opposition force, will serve all these objectives in a decisive, responsible and patriotic way.

The Central Committee of AKEL reaffirmed the Party’s determination to work for the further improvement of AKEL’s functioning, as well as its intervention in society, on the basis of the framework and roadmap approved last October for the convening of a statutory Party Congress this coming autumn.

The aim by then is to conduct a broad and meaningful dialogue with the Party grass roots membership, with groups and friends who work with the Party, as well as with personalities that have aligned and worked with us during the election campaign to achieve progressive change.

The C.C. of AKEL expresses its profound appreciation and gratitude to Andreas Mavroyiannis for his entire presence in the extremely difficult electoral battle which he waged with dignity, honesty, ethos, sincerity, a clear political discourse and respect for all.

The C.C. of AKEL expresses its appreciation and thanks to the election campaign team of Andreas Mavroyiannis and to all those who supported his independent candidacy in the first and second rounds.

Furthermore, the C.C. expresses particular thanks to the wonderful people of AKEL and the Left who, during the election campaign, devoted all their energy into it and gave their all in the battle to win the elections. Their efforts were a key factor in bringing us so close to fulfilling the goal [of progressive change].

With pride, confidence and strength we shall continue our struggles and make our contribution to the struggle for the progress of Cyprus and the prosperity of our society.

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