Cyprus President, Nikos Christodoulides, has told the members of his cabinet that not a single Euro should be lost from the funds earmarked for Cyprus from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, CNA has learnt.

Christodoulides is said to have asked members of the cabinet, that convened on Wednesday, to look into the projects included in Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan so that not a single Euro would be lost from the funds earmarked for Cyprus, in the framework of an action plan that will be presented shortly.

According to information, the President told Ministers that he wants them to have a strong presence in the EU Councils of Ministers and to brief the Council of Ministers on a constant basis about the important decisions taken.

Moreover he asked for close cooperation with the parliament. To this end, the Ministers have already begun their contacts with the Presidents of the competent parliamentary committees.

President Christodoulides also stressed the need for coordination as regards the submission of bills by the government and by MPs and also for coordination between the Ministries so that when a certain topic is put forward before the cabinet or the parliament there won’t be any unresolved issues.

Based on the governance programme, the Ministers will have to present soon their immediate priorities and the major reforms that need to take place and deadlines will be determined, according to the information.

Meanwhile, President Christodoulides concluded on Wednesday his contacts with the Ministers and Deputy Ministers, with a meeting he had with the Deputy Minister of Shipping.

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