Tanweer Productions and award-winning Greek director Angelos Frantzis present My Name Is Eftihia, a film portraying the hectic life and great work of Greek lyricist Eftihia Papagianopoulou whose talent enriched Greek music.
Based on a script by Katerina Bei, it film draws inspiration from the passions and weaknesses of Eftihia’s exuberant personality and unconventional character, which are reflected in her lyrics that have become some of the greatest and most timeless hits. Songs such as Perasmenes Mou Agapes, Oniro Apatilo, Eime Aitos Horis Ftera, Iliovasilemata, E Fantasia, Eise E Zoi Mou, Mandubala, St’Apostoli To Koutouki, Petradaki Petradaki, Mou Spasane Ton Baglama, Dio Portes Ehi E Zoi (To Telefteo Vradi Mou), and Rihte Sto Giali Farmaki.
Kariofilia Karabeti and Katia Goulioni play the lyricist at two different stages of her life. The roles of those closest to her are played by Dina Michailidou, Pigmalion Dadakaridis, Thanos Tokakis, Pavlos Orkopoulos, Evangelia Siriopoulou, Lila Baklesi, Eugenia Samara and Yianis Drakopoulos.
Renowned Greek artists of the ‘50s and ‘60s come alive through a cast of well-known actors such as Andreas Constantinou, Antonis Loudaros, Krateros Katsoulis, Matthildi Maggira, Chrisa Ropa, Haris Mavroudis, Leonidas Kakouris, Katerina Didaskalou and singer-songwriter Fivos Delivorias.
The film synopsis reads: A recently married young girl is travelling from Aidini (near Smyrna) to Greece with her mother and two daughters. On board the ship, she decides not to let life pass her by but to live her own way, and that she does! She writes endlessly on napkins, cigarette boxes and bills, she smokes, falls passionately in love, casually gambles in luxurious salons and in illegal basements. She’s a teacher who becomes an actress performing in streets and theatres, a poet who becomes the greatest Greek folk songwriter, collaborating with the renowned music personalities of Greece, from Vassilis Tsitsanis and Apostolos Kaldaras, to Manolis Ηiotis, Antonis Repanis and Manos Hadjidakis, bravely asserting herself to a cruel and typically male-dominated world.
My Name Is Eftihia is released in select cinemas on 24th March.

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