The broader objective of the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is to make Larnaca a qualitative and attractive investment destination, the Director and Secretary of the Chamber Charalambos Andreou has told CNA.

He added that “the Chamber is one of the main development pillars of the city and the district of Larnaca, as well as the main body representing and promoting the requests and positions/proposals of the city’s business community”.

“The adoption and application of technology, combined with the creation of close and frequent contact with the Chamber’s members are at the heart of the project. Combined with the admission of new members who will enhance the Chamber’s dynamics, we will be able to collectively boost the city and district of Larnaca,” he said.

Responding to a question, Andreou said that “all this will help strengthen the role that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has to play and its more effective presence in business affairs at the local level. The excellent communication and continuous consultation that the Chamber has with the competent public authorities, services and bodies, will help both locally and centrally, for the daily issues and requests that arise and directly affect members-businessmen and development projects of Larnaca, “he noted.

According to Andreou, “in an organization with a role such as that of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, needs keep emerging. The Chamber stands by the business world in every way, supporting and promoting the views and positions as well as the daily problems of its members and Cypriot businessmen in general to the executive and legislative authorities through the relevant mediation of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber can also provide advice and information to businesses on matters relating to trade, industry and services, or through the promotion of investment development in the city and province of Larnaca,” he said.

Regarding the Chamber’s prospects, he said that “these are great, especially considering the opportunities and objectives that have arisen in recent years through the long-standing requirement, which has finally become a reality, with the relocation of the oil and LPG storage tanks and the refinery. This relocation, combined with the much sought-after integrated development of the port and marina of Larnaca, which has already begun, makes the prospect for the city’s Chamber very promising,” he added.

“We need to promote much more the Chamber’s work to such an extent that it demonstrates the efforts made at a general level and relate to the development of the city and the problems experienced by our members at a personal and overall level. In addition, we should create such events so that they gradually strengthen the entity of the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce, as there are many established entrepreneurs in the city and the district who indeed look forward to a very healthy and larger business”, he noted.

Our aim, he concluded, is, among other things, “to reach out to and attract investors engaged in a variety of industrial, commercial and service sectors in the context of our broader goal of making Larnaca a quality and attractive investment destination.”

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