Barnet’s International Women’s Day Programme focuses on the borough’s inspirational women to assert our core value of equity.

With Labour in charge at the council, Barnet has put residents at the heart of the International Women’s Day programme in the borough, which is running throughout March.

Celebrating women is a key plank of the Labour plan to change attitudes and behaviour to help end violence and abuse against women and girls. We can inspire by highlighting Barnet women and girls who are changing the lives of those around them and embrace equity as a core value of our borough.

Other steps to equity pledged in the Barnet Labour 2022 Manifesto include a safety review of public spaces, creating a network of safe spaces if they are experiencing danger and bringing in best practice from other London boroughs.

Women’s and community groups have been empowered by the Labour-run authority, with grants of between £500 and £1,000 to more than a dozen events.

Organisations hosting events include faith, ethnic minority and refugee groups. Putting residents in the driving seat of the programme is part of Barnet Labour’s vision of partnership between the local authority and our communities.

Labour Councillor and Chair of Community Leadership and Libraries Committee Sara Conway said “Barnet’s International Women’s Day initiatives reflect our commitment as a new Council to do things differently, putting residents at the heart of a community events initiative that celebrates the communal and creative work led by women and girls across the Borough.

“I am delighted that Barnet’s Labour Council has helped generate such a great programme of International Women’s Day events throughout the month of March. I am so looking forward to our InspirationALL awards which will celebrate the achievements of the amazing women of this borough.”

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