Kyriacos Georgiou dropped his new release on Tuesday, a cover of Gucci Forema originally recorded by Giorgos Mazonakis in 2003.
The single sees Kyriacos collaborate with Torino & Pashata and is released by Kings Records. An impressive video clip accompanies the new single – view it now on YouTube!
The singer told Parikiaki, “It was a challenging project in terms of living up to the original track, and it was a different genre of music for me, however, I loved putting together this new, modernised version of the song together with the guys.”
Born to a Greek Cypriot mother and Greek Cypriot-Italian father, North Londoner Kyriacos has spent over a decade living his dream in Greece.
He has enjoyed various on stage collaborations with artists such as Anna Vissi, Helena Paparizou, Konstantinos Argiros, Despina Vandi, Antypas, Nino, Angela Demetriou, Kostas Martakis, Giorgos Giannias, Kostas Karafotis, the late Pantelis Pantelides, and many more.
He released his debut single Sta Asteria Psila in 2013, and has since enjoyed success with Eisai O Logos, Paizeis, Oso Yparxeis Esy, Den Pao Apopse Spiti, Sto Poto Mou Rixse Stahti (featuring Jackpot), Sta Pio Trela Mou Oneira, Den Mporo (duet with Emanuela), and the highly successful Pos Tin Ides – Kazhi Mi, a duet with Bulgarian artist Anelia; the single made it to No.1 in the Balkan musical charts where it remained for several weeks.
Kyriacos has performed in Bulgaria, Israel, Serbia, Germany, Jerusalem, Florida, Dubai, Cyprus, the UK, many of the Greek Islands, and on a cruise touring with 500 American Greeks around the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Nevis and Haiti.

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