Residents in Haringey who have been conned and duped out of their hard-earned money by bogus scams have had some of it returned thanks to the hard work of Haringey Council’s Trading Standards Officers.

A total of 19 residents were identified as victims of a fraudulent mailings scam which falsely promised cash prizes in exchange for a small fee. Working in conjunction with the National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team, a total of £346 was given back to them.

One of the victims – an 89-year-old woman – was overjoyed when she received over £180 back into her wallet, whilst another elderly citizen in their 90’s was delighted to receive over £80.

NTS Scams worked with the Federal Trade Commission, Postal Services which is located in the USA and the Department of Justice, to successful prosecute the scam organisation.

Approximately £530,000 was secured as part of the civil compensation – majority of which was returned to victims. Over a six-year period, the fraudsters made more than £88 million around the globe. This includes the UK, Canada, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Australia & numerous European countries.

Cllr Dana Carlin, Cabinet Member for Housing Services, Private Renters and Planning, said:

“Scammers across the country are helping themselves to hard-earned money which is often an individual’s life savings.

“Thanks to the excellent work of our officers and partners, action has been taken against the organisation and a good proportion of the money taken has been returned to our residents in Haringey.

“Whilst this is a step in the right direction, there are still millions of people being scammed every day, with some victims completely unaware that they have been cheated. We urge our residents to always be cautious and think twice before responding to such mailings and telephone calls.”


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