Four men have been convicted for their involvement in gang fight and knife brawl in Oxford Street.

Three of the men were arrested on 8 May 2021 following calls to a mass brawl inside the designer store.

On Wednesday, 29 March, the following men were found guilty:

– Andre Deer, 20 (16.12.02) of Haringey was found guilty of violent disorder;
– Ryheem Lindsay, 20 (22.08.02) of Islington was found guilty of violent disorder, wounding with intent and carrying an article with a blade or point;
– Bryan Carvalho, 22 (27.08.00) of Haringey was found guilty of violent disorder and carrying an article with a blade or point;
– Jevani Best, 23 (04.07.99) of Haringey was found guilty of violent disorder.

Detective Inspector Tim Fines, said: “These individuals are very dangerous and caused chaos and fear in a place that people should feel safe in. We do not tolerate violence and the use of weapons that comes with it. If you are involved in gang violence, anti-social behaviour or carry weapons we will find you and justice will be served.”

The court heard that at around 19:30hrs on 8 May 2021, two rival gangs were in the designer store.

Carvalho met his brother on the first floor of the store and whilst shopping, they bumped into rival gang members, including Lindsay.

It became apparent to both groups that they were rivals and during discussions, Lindsay grabbed Carvahlo close to his chest and punched his brother.

This escalated to a large scale brawl, where the gangs began to fight, during the which, Carvalho stabbed Lindsay in the leg.

The men threw mannequins across the store and used ropes and knives to threaten each other.

Lindsay was also stabbed in the leg.

The brawl continued into a toilet corridor where Carvalho was pushed to the floor and rival members including Deer kicked and punched him whilst he was on the ground.

The groups caused chaos in the store, with innocent bystanders watching on. As the fight came to an end, with two of the defendants suffering stab injuries, the men split into groups and left the store.

A firearms unit responding to the incident, spotted one of the vehicles near to the store and arrested Deer and Best.

Lindsay, who was later identified through DNA testing from a phone dropped at the scene, handed himself into custody.

All four will be sentenced on Thursday, 18 May.

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