New analysis from Barnet Labour following the budget – building on research from the Resolution Foundation – reveals the staggering tax burden facing families in the borough.

Taxes are set to hit a 70 year high – up to almost 38% of GDP by 2027/28. Each household faces paying an additional £4,200 in tax compared to 2019/20. That’s more than £600million from families across Barnet.

While the Conservatives are setting records nationally for taxing families, Barnet Labour secured one of the lowest council tax increases across London this year. Council Tax in Barnet is now the 14th lowest in London, compared to the 16th when the Conservatives were in charge locally.

The analysis comes following a budget in which the Chancellor provided a £1 billion hand out to the richest one per cent, while retaining tax hikes for the rest of us.

Publishing the analysis, Leader of the Council, Councillor Barry Rawlings said:

“We know that bills and taxes are going up, which is why we in Labour kept Council Taxes as low as possible recently. The Conservative government nationally have just made things work by setting the highest tax take in decades.

“They have found the money for a £1 billion giveaway to the richest one per cent, but appear to have nothing for ordinary families. Labour nationally and locally have different priorities, trying to keep taxes lower for the many, not the few.”

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