The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) took place at ExCel in London, from 20th-22nd March, welcoming 25,000 food and drink professionals who came together to sample new products, make lasting business connections, and find suppliers who’ll give their business a competitive edge.
25 Cypriot foodstuff exporters exhibited at the Cyprus Pavilion, giving the opportunity to retailers, wholesalers, distributors and restaurant caterers to taste unique flavours from Cyprus and see exciting and innovative ideas to inspire their business.
Some of the products exhibited by the Cypriot companies were Halloumi – the traditional cheese of Cyprus, other dairy products, frozen pastries, olive oil, wines, beer, bakery/confectionary, sweets, honey, herbal teas, tahini, peanut butters and many more.
The participating companies were:
A.P. POLYCARPOU & SONS FARM LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
EL. ELEFTHERIOU ACHNAGAL (Halloumi and other dairy products)
G. STROUTHOS FARM (Halloumi and other dairy products)
LEFKONITZIATIS DAIRY LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
NIKI ONOUFRIOU TYR. LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
PANTZIAROU BROS DAIRY PRODUCTS LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
PAPOUIS DAIRIES LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
PETROU BROS DAIRY LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
TYRAS DAIRIES CYPRUS LTD (Halloumi and other dairy products)
AVGOUSTINOS FOOD INDUSTRY LTD (frozen food, pastries, ravioli)
A. ARMEFTIS CO LTD (tahini, halva)
A. AGATHOKLEOUS LTD KING OF OLIVES (olives, olive oil, bio olives/olive oil)
G.N.D.GOLD NUTRITION (various nuts and seeds butters)
OROS MAXAIRA LTD (honey, bee pollen, royal jelly
AMBROSIA OILS LTD (vegetable oils, extra virgin olive oil, margarine and emulsified sauces)
A.ZORBAS & SONS LTD (frozen bakery and confectionery products)
NIKI AGATHOKLEOUS LTD (spoon sweets, marmalades and jams)
APHRODITE DELIGHTS LTD (Loukoumi, nut brittles, grape rolls)
PAN. M. MATSOUKAS LTD (organic extra virgin olive oil, early harvest olive oil)
MGP CYPRUS SALT LTD (natural sea salt products, flakes with flavours)
ASSIA MARE LTD (raw honey, natural fruit syrups, extra virgin oil, balsamic vinegar, herbal infusions)
S. C. TWIST TRAD. LTD (herbal tea, spices, herbal infusions)
PH. PHOTIADES BREWERIES LTD (beer, wine, water, non-alcoholic beverages)
Further information regarding the participating companies can be obtained from the Cyprus High Commission Trade Centre (tel: 020 7321 4141, email: [email protected]).

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