Councillors voted to pass the council’s corporate plan 2023-2026 and vision for the future at the full council meeting at Hendon Town Hall last night (28 Feb).

The council now has the mandate to transform how it will tackle issues that affect residents and community groups by giving them a say and more power to get involved. This will include fighting inequality and poverty, through to establishing Barnet as a ‘borough of fun’.

The plan covers how it will invest over the next three years to upgrade services and community safety, focus on supporting locals to improve their neighbourhoods, and on the broader issues such as the health and wellbeing of all who have made Barnet their home.

The plan, which launches today on March 1, comes exactly 300 days since the administration took office in May 2022.

Barnet Council Leader, Cllr Barry Rawlings, said:

“We have a new vision for Barnet, one where we work together with our communities and partners to care for people, our places and the planet, while delivering excellent services for all.

“We will also be asking for and listening to our residents and communities’ views on how we run our services, invest in our places, and make sure they have a say in decisions that affect them.

“In our first 300 days, we’ve delivered a lot for Barnet. Our plan shows how we’ll build on this over the next three years, making Barnet a more fun, safe and equal place for us all.

“This is a big agenda, and it may not be easy, but I promise, it will be worth it.”

In the autumn of 2022, the council engaged with residents, businesses and communities to develop the basis for these plans and the new ways of working.

Some of the top priorities laid out in the Corporate Plan are:

Providing good-quality, affordable homes
Becoming a borough of fun
Becoming a net zero council by 2030 and borough by 2042
Improving the local environment, air and habitat for wildlife
Empowering our communities and local organisations and faith groups and harnessing their knowledge and expertise
The full report is available online

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