New romantic comedy Finally Me, a cross between My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bring it On, was released in Australia on Tuesday, marking Australian Cypriot Jason Stevens’ directing debut.
“My background is Greek, so I was able to draw on humour from my own family and the Greek community… In many ways this film is a tribute to my Pappou and his Greek Cypriot heritage. He came to Australia with zero in his pockets and a family to feed and worked so hard. I weaved his story into the film,” the former Rugby League player said in an interview.
Set in the ‘90s, Finally Me follows Soula Mitsos (Jazz Laker), a plus-size teenager of Greek heritage who works after school in her family’s take-away souvlaki store. Her father wants her to marry a Greek boy named Jimmy and take over the store, but Soula dreams of becoming a cheerleader for her school Westend High.
Her dream becomes a reality when she’s unexpectedly chosen on the team, though the opportunity is laced with much opposition, including from her arch-nemesis, Taylor White (Alea O’Shea), who’ll use every dirty trick in the book to succeed. However, Soula’s greatest battle will come from within as she struggles to believe that she belongs.
Tony Nikolakopoulos, Tiarnie Coupland, Josh Heuston, Naomi Sequeira and Rhys Muldoon co-star in the film.

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