Following the successful organization of three other competitions which contributed towards the upgrade of the infrastructure of public schools and the purchase of new equipment, the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation is currently launching a new competition ‘LOVE   CYPRUS’with a deadline the 3rd of March 2023. The new competition is addressed to all public schools of primary, secondary and VET sector which can participate with either individual student entries or group entries in order to represent their schools.

The main objective of the competition is the provision of opportunities for creativity and inspiration for the promotion of the culture, customs, music, art and nature of Cyprus, both for local, European and international visitors. Based on the initiatives to be taken, students will act as young promoters of their regions aiming to promote its local – regional – national traditions, nature, music, dance, art etc., through the following:

A short video showing a dance (traditional dance from Cyprus or Greek dance) 60 secondsA photo that presents nature, culture and customs of Cyprus for tourists (preferably in their local-regional area).

Both of the above, will be aaccompanied with a catchy phrase that will trigger the interest of visitors/audience, as well as, 100 words useful information supporting their selection.

It is noted that with the slogan ‘LOVE CYPRUS all entries to be submitted by the public primary or secondary schools will have to promote Cyprus, not only as a tourist destination, but its culture, hospitality, friendliness, warmth, traditions, music, art and scenery.

Based on the regulation of the competition, the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation will be giving six main prizes (three for each category – photo and dance) worth in total €170.000 (A’ €50.000, B’ €25.000 and C’ €10.000). The prizes will be given to the schools that has submitted a winning entry (either a photo or a short dance with the accompanying documents created/developed by either one student or a group of students from the same school). Τhe prize will be utilised by the YCF based on an agreed by all relevant agents (MOEC, school management, school board) proposal and after all essential approvals have been issued.

The participation of the students in the competition is on a voluntary basis and the schools can send up to three entries for each type, e.g. three photos and/or three dance videos. It is however, advised due to the high prize to be given which will be utilised for the school (purchase of equipment, infrastructure etc.), that the selection of the entries to be sent to should be decided by the head teacher and the teachers of the school. This is considered as essential as apart from the selected entries, the school will have to also send their ‘Proposal for the utilisation of the prize’.

All information related to the above competition, as well as, detailed regulations and forms to be completed are uploaded on the official website of the Foundation on For any other relevant to the competition information you can communicate via email at [email protected]

It is noted that the final stage of the competition for the 6 finalists to be awarded (3 in each category), as well as, the official award ceremony will be organised on the 3rd April 2023 in Limassol, in the presence of well-known artists such as Constantinos Argyros who will perform live

Through the new competition the ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ continues its support towards the upgrade of the teaching and learning facilities of public schools for the benefit of children. As its Founder, Mr John Christodoulou states ‘supporting and empowering children is a top priority for the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, as the future depends on them’.

For further information regarding The ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’, please visit the website at You can also visit the social media on Facebook: and as well as the Instagram

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