Hollywood legend Raquel Welch died on 15 February, at the age of 82, following a brief illness.
Welch first came to public attention with her appearances in Fantastic Voyage and One Million Years B.C. in 1966. Her curves and beauty captured pop culture’s attention, with Playboy crowning her the “most desired woman” of the ’70s.
Over a career of more than 50 years, Welch had more than 30 film and 50 television credits.
Among her many hits was the movie Sin (also known as The Beloved) shot in Cyprus in the summer of 1970, and the first Hollywood production ever to be filmed on the island.
Directed by George Cosmatos, the picture tells the story of a frustrated housewife who begins an affair with a former childhood friend. When her suspicious husband starts to show signs of jealousy, the adulterous couple plot to murder him.
Shooting for the film took place in occupied Karmi and Chrysokava, Keryneia.
During her visit, Raquel met with Archbishop Makarios at the Presidential Palace and formed friendships with the locals.
Many Cypriot actors had roles in the film, while all Karmi’s residents participated as extras.
In photos taken during her stay on the island, the actress is seen having fun with locals, playing cards, and drinking traditional coffee in village cafes.
The experiences of the people of the village were the subject of a 2015 documentary by Constantinos Patsalides under the name Beloved Days.

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