The Times newspaper is again promoting advertisements attracting visits with the slogan, ‘Walking in Northern Cyprus’. These misleading advertisements have been appearing in the British media for a long time. They by-pass the occupation of our island and do not explain the transport arrangements to an illegal regime. As a community, we are reacting and strongly condemn the stance by The Times, to the authorities and to the media.
Sadly, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), the council responsible for the standards has informed us that they have not broken any advertising rules.
The Republic of Cyprus, the Foreign Ministry, and the Ministry of Tourism must urgently take action to promote the heritage, culture and civilisation of Cyprus as a European member, in the UK media. The Republic of Cyprus must not delay to promote the real Cyprus to British and European visitors and invest in prime-time TV advertising.
Let us all work for a UNITED CYPRUS.

Doros Partasides, Marie Nicholsby, Antonis Savvides, Spyros Papacharalambous, Elias Dinenis, Spyros Neophytou.
On behalf of the Board of British Cypriots

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