On Saturday, 28th January 2023, the School of the Community of St. George Kingston celebrated the Feast of the Three Hierarchs wherein Mrs. Eugenia Manolidou had the opportunity to present “Elliniki Agogi”, a program for teaching ancient Greek in Greek schools.

Before the celebration, Mrs. Eugenia Manolidou was able to hold a lesson with the students of the School in ancient Greek, on the everyday life of children in ancient Greece, then and now.

In her presentation, Mrs. Manolidou, an experienced educator, used creatively ancient Greek words, drawn from Greek mythology, applying them in modern Greek everyday context, and, this way, captivated the students who remained particularly engaged! The School of the Community of Saint George Kingston especially thanks Mrs Manolidou for this wonderful session and wishes to include “Elliniki Agogi” program in its curriculum in the future.

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