‘We are calling on Thames Water to permanently fix their mains water system on Crouch Hill’
Cllr Seema Chandwani urges Thames Water to address the flooding issues that have affected residents and businesses in Crouch End.

Statement from Cllr Seema Chandwani, Cabinet Member for Tackling Inequality and Resident Services.

We are calling on Thames Water to permanently fix their mains water system on Crouch Hill.

In recent years residents and businesses have become all too familiar with scenes of water flooding down Crouch Hill and have had to endure repeated disruptions to their lives and businesses.

Last week the water mains under Crouch Hill suffered a significant fracture. Six businesses were directly impacted, and one resident was displaced from their home. The road closure caused huge disruption to bus routes, further reducing footfall and custom for businesses in the area.

I thank local residents, local businesses, Ward Councillors and our Highways Service, Emergency Planning Team and Town Centre Managers for their swift response.

These incidents consume a lot of our resources. They are complex situations requiring the council to invest a lot of money from our already-dwindling budgets. From traffic diversions to clean up operations, it is an exhausting operation for all. It is deeply frustrating that we are having to do this so regularly.

Clearly, there is a major issue with Thames Water mains at this location, and we have raised our concerns with Thames Water directly. We have requested that Thames Water replace the entire stretch of their water main, rather than the inefficient patch repairs which ignore the underlying structural problems.

Otherwise, experience suggests that these incidents will happen again and again.

I know the Crouch End community is frustrated. This matter has gone on for too long and I sincerely hope that Thames Water takes responsibility and commits to real action.

In the meantime, I know Ward Councillors and Council staff have been visiting Crouch End to offer their support.

There are so many amazing local businesses that have been unfairly impacted. I know local residents are keen to show support, if you can visit Crouch End for some shopping, for a meal, or just for a drink, it would make a real difference.

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