The Greek School of St Demetrios celebrated the memory of the Three Hierarchs and the success of the students who successfully passed their GCSE exams in Greek in the last three years.
The celebration took place in the church where father Nikodemos spoke and congratulated the students on their success.
The president of the school committee of St Demetrios, Mr. Andreas Chrysanthou, praised both the students for their success and the parents who continuously bring the students to school.

Today, he said, “we were fortunate to have had an opportunity to celebrate our pupils successes in front of our friends at St Demetrios school and Church. Much of which during the latter periods of 2020 was accomplished through remote studies, online learning, significant restrictions imposed on lives at such a young age, and in some cases the loss of special people in their lives. This was on top of what is already extremely difficult task of learning a second language which won’t necessarily offer a career path in many global industries in today’s age, and doing all of this on apart time basis.”
He continued, “Today we celebrate three years of GCSE success and all with flying colours. Each year group since 2020 returned to our church in a special recognition ceremony held by Father Nikodemos and Father John, with certificates and special recognition for all by our head teacher, Stavroula Prodromou.
“The school is a not for profit low fee Greek language school which has been teaching the Greek and Cypriot communities since 1971. Today it teaches language, song, dance, some theology and pupils are also exposed to food events now aptly known as ‘kouzina days’ and ‘makarounia dou fournou’ competitions.
“Having an opportunity to work with some of the most talented teachers within our community and having the support of our fabulous committee, friends at KEA along with our church, we’re very fortunate to be able to pave the way so that our children and grandchildren can inherit our language and traditions so it can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.”
Mr Chrysanthou concluded, “With so many Greek schools closing over the last 10 years, our teachers and pupils have been an inspiration to us all by continuing to embrace our warm language and famous traditions. Today epitomised that as we all came together in communion and gave thanks for their achievements. A proud moment for everyone involved with our school.”
Headteacher Ms. Stavroula Prodromou, in her turn, also congratulated the students and thanked the teachers for the help they offered them during the difficult period of the coronavirus.
Father Nikodemos then handed over the certificates to the students.

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