To mark Children’s Mental Health Week, singer/songwriter and Mental Health advocate Eleni C, together with the Lady Mayor of Merton Council, visited the Harris Academy Morden on Tuesday 7th February 2023.
Eleni C delivered four interactive assemblies to year 7 – 10 students at the school where she shared her own experiences, including her musical career and the challenges it presented for her mental health.
Eleni C said that “a big part of achieving a good mental health is learning how to talk about our emotions.” She encouraged the students to do so and they participated enthusiastically and eagerly shared their own experiences and the events that challenged their mental health. One of the students said that, “as someone who has struggled her whole life with mental health and anxiety, Eleni C’s talk was really lovely and a motivational thing to hear.”
The Lady Mayor of Merton said that she was very happy to be part of the event and to mark Children’s Mental Health Week, as she believes that the children are our future and we need to do as much as we can to create citizens that we will all be proud of.
She further emphasised her belief that, “even though life is full of challenges, a good mental health can help the children overcome them, so it’s very important to fortify them with the skills that will ensure that they are quipped to do so.”
A statement from the school said, “Today Harris Academy Morden were honoured to host Eleni C in the Academy to present to our students on Mental Health awareness. She played a key role in the activities we planned for our third Personal Development Day of this academic year. Today’s theme centred around Children’s Mental Health week with students off timetable and partaking in workshops, class activities and guest presenters and speakers. “Our students loved the performance by Eleni C which really resonated with our students. We pride ourselves here at Harris Academy Morden on the nurturing and supportive learning environment we create for our students. Celebrating special events like this, using excellent performers like Eleni C, reinforces our passion and drive to better prepare our students for a better tomorrow!”
Eleni C is currently on a UK National School Tour discussing all aspects of Mental Health as well as discussing her own battle with anxiety and her music career.
It has become apparent not only by the Q&A aspect of her assembly, but by the numerous messages she receives on her social media accounts, that the issue of Mental Health must be more urgently addressed.
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