An #Islington mum shared the near-miss her family had after her 3-year-old put a blanket on an electric heater. Thankfully her 6 year-old raised the alarm and prevented a serious fire. Please keep blankets, clothing and bedding away from portable heaters

Electrical heaters: know the risks

Electrical heaters can be a great way to keep warm – especially if you only want to warm up one room. However, they should be used with care.

  1. Our figures show that over the past five years, more than 800 fires were caused by electrical heaters.
  2. Tragically, a third of electrical fires that resulted in a fatality involved heaters.
  3. More fires seem to occur when it’s colder.

Are electrical heaters dangerous?

Most of these fires are easily preventable. Don’t become another statistic, it’s important to stay safe while heating your home – read on for advice on how to stay safe when using heaters and fires.

What about open fires, gas fires and other heaters?

Electrical heaters aren’t the only way to stay warm. There are many other kinds of heater so scroll down for for safety advice.


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