President-elect Nikos Christodoulides was officially proclaimed on Sunday new President of the Republic of Cyprus, calling for unity and saying that he will be a President for all Cypriots.

In his speech at the proclamation ceremony, in Nicosia, Christodoulides thanked the Cypriot people for electing him to the highest office of the Republic of Cyprus and said that he will “spare no effort to realize the vision that I have shared with you, for a free country that offers all citizens conditions of security and prosperity.”

Christodoulides was officially proclaimed new President of the Republic of Cyprus in the crowded “Tassos Papadopoulos-Eleftheria” stadium, by Chief Returning Officer Dr Costas Constantinou, after securing 51.91% of votes, compared to 48.03% of his opponent Andreas Mavroyiannis.

In his speech, Christodoulides called for unity saying that tomorrow is a new day that will find us united and determined to put into practice all that we have promised, saying that he will make every effort to meet the expectations of the people.

I am ready to govern and address the great challenges, he said.

He reiterated his intention to form a government of broad social acceptance, with capable people from all political orientations and the new generation, stressing that “national unity is a historical necessity.”

The Cyprus problem, he said, is his first priority, stressing that his first concern is the end of the Turkish occupation and the reunification of the country.

He pledged to do his utmost so that the peace dialogue can resume in order to create the conditions for a solution of the Cyprus issue that will ensure a reunited country on the ground, in the institutions, in the economy, “a homeland that will respect the rights of all its legal residents, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins.”

He also sent a message of respect to the refugees, the enclaved, the relatives of the missing persons, “all those who suffer from the trauma of the (1974 Turkish) invasion and the ongoing occupation. They remain at the forefront of our effort to end illegality and injustice”, he said.

In his speech, the newly elected President referred to the Turkish Cypriots, who grieve for the victims of the recent earthquakes that hit Turkey, saying that we participate in their mourning, while assuring them that “we stand by them.”

As regards the Cyprus problem, he reiterated that the current status quo is not a solution and cannot be the future of the country.

“Cyprus cannot be the last crippled state of the European Union”, he underlined.

The President-elect said that he is focused on the immediate implementation of specific actions for the economy and society, adding that he has completed the preliminary work and has an action plan for each Ministry, so that work can begin immediately.

The goal, he said, is to have an economy that will grow with extroversion, that will be resilient and competitive, a flexible, efficient, citizen-friendly state, transparency, justice and accountability. He added that the aim is to have a country that will not be an attractive destination for irregular immigrants, a state that will truly support farmers, regenerate the primary sector and revitalize the countryside.

He added that he will focus on supporting families and young people, vulnerable citizens, on decent pensions, on offering equal opportunities to all who need special care and support.

In addition, he said that he will set the bar high for education and culture, with good public schools and the promotion of sports, arts and letters, with quality health services.

“We will strengthen and improve the national health system, the greatest social achievement of recent years, which ensures equal and universal access to health services for every citizen”, he said.

Furthermore, he said that he had already spoken with the Prime Minister of Greece and the President of the Hellenic Republic, saying that Greece is our support and our selfless ally. He noted that the relations with Greece will be further strengthened in all fields.

Christodoulides said he spoke with the President of the European Parliament, the President of France, US Senator Robert Menendez and other officials.

“The European, Western orientation of our country is our stable compass for the future. We will continue to expand our relations with all the countries of the region, but also with all the forces that can play an essential role in solving the Cyprus problem, in the agreed UN framework and EU principles and values”, he stressed.

He thanked the political forces that supported his candidacy, organised bodies, as well as volunteers and his family.

Christodoulides also thanked those who did not vote for him, saying that “this is the essence of Democracy. I honor and respect them. In Cyprus, the way I envision it, I will be President of all Cypriots.”

He also thanked all political forces, sending a message of cooperation and readiness to join forces to the benefit of the country.

He also referred to left wing AKEL party that backed his opponent Andreas Mavroyiannis, saying that he respects the party, its leadership, its General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou and his people and expressed his unlimited respect for his rival Andreas Mavroyiannis.

Christodoulides made special reference to Democratic Rally (DISY) and to its President Averof Neofytou, the party leadership and supporters saying that “during this election campaign we lived through difficult times” adding that “I want everyone to know that I will not let them down.”

He said that he has spoken with Neofytou, who had congratulated him on his election. Christodoulides said he thanked him and would seek to meet him as soon as possible.

The newly elected President thanked outgoing President Nicos Anastasiades “for the long-term cooperation we have had all this time and the trust he showed in me, through the positions he assigned me. I am especially grateful”, Christodoulides said, who served as Government Spokesman and Foreign Minister in the Anastasiades government.

He said that he is deeply moved that his pre-election program was welcomed by the majority, a program that was drafted following a dialogue with the citizens, “together with the civil society, with all Cypriots, with our young people”.

“This unprecedented effort of participatory democracy, which began before the elections, will continue throughout my presidential term” he pledged.

Regarding the next day, the newly elected President said that “we will take the first step for better days. With unity, determination, confidence and pride”.

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