The long winter months can seem just that, almost endless as though they seem to drag on forever. It feels like those beautiful summer days of fun in the sun with barbeques and outdoor gatherings till the early hours with friends and family, were far too long ago, and our enthusiasm and zest for life itself has drifted away.
As the end of the summer draws in and those early dark nights gradually creep in, it really used to make me quite miserable, as though my wings had been clipped from flying out everywhere whenever I wanted. I like the outdoors, be it the sun, the green scenery of fields and parks full of beautiful trees, the hot summer nights out by the sea. I like it because we can walk freely everywhere without having to dress up in all those layers and still feel the cold hitting my face and shivering in trying to breath freely. Who wants to visit a historical site, very often in the cold, occasional it may be fine, but regularly may not come top of the list.
What can we do, the weather is the weather, and if it is where you happen to live, well, all you can do is set different pursuits of adventure to make yourself roll into that spring, make it feel a little quicker and not so far away. The method is quite simple really and I am sure those that use it, feel far better for it. So here we go.
Step one is in September, around mid to end of September, just as the weather starts to change here in the UK, if possible plan a vacation for October or early November, to a destination where there is still some sunshine and heat; there are many places like Cyprus and Spain that hold onto the summer a little longer than our own place of residence. The end of November and December is all the preparation for Christmas, so that keeps us busy with shopping and visiting festive markets. So we probably don’t mind so much about all the dressing up for the cold weather, because we have hopefully not encountered too much of it if we have followed the method so far.
When Christmas festivities are all over, we have the New Year to get through, so once again now with fresh hope and plans for the new year, plan yourself lots of places to go and/or things to do. I would always plan a fresh destination to journey and discover for the first week in January, to avoid those well-known January blues; if a sunny and warm option is possible, well that just makes it so much better. So that helps get some of January out of the lingering cold, damp weather.
Next we have February, so if we can do a little weekend here and there, be it a family weekend visit in a different regional district, with different surroundings and things to do, or maybe party up a trip somewhere with friends. These little trips and action plans to look forward to and do, can really break it all up and make the difference in how you feel in yourself and about life in general. Keep it going through March and before you know it, the spring seems only round the corner, and as April comes, we have a spring in our step, everything starts to blossom and bloom with beautiful colour, like that of daffodils and tulips, and all this brings us the hope of new excitement of the summer ahead of us to be able to enjoy the outdoors once again.
Get on with it, and start planning lots of things to do; find winter things to do that you enjoy, go to an exhibition of interest, winter craft market, craft project learning weekend, spa weekend, country retreat weekends with friends, combine music and entertainment weekends away. Whatever makes you happy.
Make each season memorable!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
Facebook: Samara Kyriakou

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