Chief Returning Officer Costas Constantinou said that everything was ready for Sunday’s second round of presidential elections.

Constantinou told CNA that on Saturday morning he was going on a tour to make sure that no remnants of the pre-election period were left, that signs were removed and that there was nothing prohibited by law in terms of display and advertising.

Regarding the preparedness of the election centers, he said that the presiding officers have already received all the relevant material, since they received the ballot boxes from Friday and are ready to assume their duties.

Constantinou said that the venue for the proclamation of the new President of the Republic of Cyprus, “Eleftheria – Tassos Papadopoulos” Stadium was also ready, with the ceremony is scheduled to take place at 22:00 (local time) on Sunday.

The result of the second round of the Presidential Elections, according to the Chief Returning Officer is expected around 19:30-20:00 (local time) on Sunday evening. He will then make the official announcement of the final results, after the necessary checks, around 21:00-21:30 before going to the proclamation ceremony of the new President.

Constantinou once again urged people to go to the polls, noting that the weather is expected to be favorable for voters. He added that there will be additional checks of the road network in the mountain communities in coordination with the local Districts, in order to overcome any obstacles for the personnel who will go there for the elections.

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