Cypriots, as well as Europeans in general, continue to show significant support to actions taken to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion, while also showing great support for the acceleration of the energy transition, notably investments in renewable energy and actions to reduce the EU’s dependency on Russian energy sources, according to the findings of the latest standard Eurobarometer for Winter 2022 – 2023.

According to the findings, 95% of respondents in Cyprus (91% in the EU) agree with the provision of humanitarian support, 95% (88% in the EU) are in favour of welcoming into the EU people fleeing the war and 81% (77% in the EU) support providing financial support to Ukraine.

However, support by Cypriots to more aggressive measures against Russia to counter its invasion of Ukraine, as well to the provision of military equipment to the country, is lower than the EU average.

Imposing economic sanctions on Russian government, companies and individuals gain the support of 53% of the respondents in Cyprus (74% in the EU), while the decision to ban Russian state-owned media from broadcasting is supported by 40% of Cypriots (67% in the EU). Financing the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine through the EU is supported by 49% of Cypriots (65% in the EU).

Overall, 45% in Cyprus and 56% in the EU remain satisfied with the European Union’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while 48% in Cyprus and 38% in the EU state they are not satisfied. When it comes to the response of the Cypriot government to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 47% in Cyprus said they were satisfied (58% on average in the EU) and 48% said they were not satisfied (40% on average in the EU).

A total of 90% of Cypriots (an increase of 4 points since June – July 2022) said they are in favour of a common defence and security policy among EU Member States, bringing Cyprus in first place before Lithuania (86%), Germany, Spain and the Netherlands (84%). The lowest shares were recorded in Austria (58%), Romania (62%) and Sweden and Bulgaria (66%).

Across the EU, 77% of respondents are in favour of a common defence and security policy among EU Member States, the same proportion as last summer, while 16% are against.

In addition, 85% in Cyprus (80% in the EU) think that Member States’ purchase of military equipment should be better coordinated and 76% (69% in the EU) believe that the EU needs to reinforce its capacity to produce military equipment.


Cypriots overwhelmingly support energy transition – joint purchases

Cyprus had the largest share of respondents (96%) who agree that the EU should support the green transition by investing massively in renewable energies (86% in the EU).

Cypriots also show great support to joint purchasing, since 92% (82% in the EU) agree that EU Member States should jointly buy energy from other countries to get a better price.

Also, 74% of Cypriots (84% in the EU) agree that the EU should reduce its dependency on Russian sources of energy as soon as possible, while 89% (85% in the EU) are convinced that increasing energy efficiency of buildings, transport and goods will make us less dependent on energy producers outside the EU. Finally, 77% (81% in the EU) say that they have taken action to reduce their own energy consumption.

The Winter 2022-2023 Standard Eurobarometer was conducted through face-to-face and online interviews between 12 January and 6 February 2023. A total 26,468 EU citizens were interviewed across the 27 Member States. The entire report is available online. 

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